Apr 20 2013

Hiding and defending stored food.

Along with natural (and other types of) disaster comes the possibility that you’ll have to defend your food and yourself to keep it. Not letting anybody know you have it is a good start but this might not do it. A combination of active defense such as pitbulls and passive defense such as barricade or fortification are prudent. Caching is another method in which we hedge our bets by distributing emergency food and supplies in different places so hopefully you don’t loose everything at once. So along with nature and man’s assaults on our stored food, we might think in terms of “store some high and store some low”. Keep some high and dry and some buried deep. Keep some here and keep some there. Keep some on your land and some off it. Keep some with friends and some on the way to friends. If you have multiple homes, keep them all stocked. If you have a motorhome or a camper, keep it stocked and ready to roll.

Author’s note: since the publishing of V8.0, lots of folks have said they would love to speak more clearly to defense in martial terms. We don’t feel this is the proper place for us to talk about that. For one thing, it freaks some people out and for another, there are lots of places on the internet to discuss those things. With respect, this is neither the time nor the place for us to discuss these things. It’s just not where we’re going with this thing.